All You Need to Know to Get a Texas Veterans Land Loan

Texas veterans land loans provide veterans an opportunity to own a piece of land in Texas. The program is exclusively for Texas veterans, who can obtain a loan amount of up to $125,000 at competitive interest rates. The Veteran Land Loan program has changed over the years, and chances are that you may not be updated about the changes that have been made to the various land loan requirements for obtaining a Texas Veterans Land loan. In this blog post, we discuss the updated  land loan requirements. Let’s take a look.

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Veteran Eligibility

Any veteran applying for the Texas veterans land loan must be a legal resident of the state of Texas. They must be, at least, 18 years of age, and have served in any of the armed forces:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or National Guard. In addition, qualified applicants must meet any of the following requirement:

  • An active member of the military
  • Member of the Texas National Guard
  • Rendered, at least, 90 days of active duty service. Must have been honorably discharged.
  • Surviving spouse of a Veteran, whose death was service related.
  • A reserve component  of the United States Armed Forces, with 20 qualifying years of retirement experience.

Minimum Land Area and Maximum Land Value

The Texas veterans land loans are available to veterans to purchase an area of one or more acres. You can only purchase a tract of land whose value is equal to $125,000 or below the amount. Earlier this cap was $1,00,000; however, the increased loan amount has made the program even more significant to veterans who wish to own a piece of land in Texas.

Location Requirement

The proposed property must be within the state of Texas. It must not be in close contact to a dedicated public roadway or navigable waterway, frequent inundation, or otherwise unusable. The qualified tract must provide a legal and usable access to a public road, which means the road must be fit for driving a standard passenger car in inclement weather.

Land Loan Financing

Veterans purchasing a tract through the Texas veterans land loans have to pay 5 percent of down-payment for the purchase. That means you can finance 95 percent of the land through the VLB. The loan’s term is 30 years on a fixed rate. Applicants must pay $325 as appraisal fee and contract service fee when applying for the loan. There’s no penalty for prepayment.


Applicants who successfully settle one VLB land loan can apply for another loan. By speaking to an experienced VA approved lender or loan officer, you can gain more information on the subject, including the land and financing requirements. A loan officer can also help you learn how to secure concessions on a VA home loan, and what requirements you must meet to qualify for the loan.


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