5 Must-Consider Elements Before You get a Home Loan

Despite the growing trend towards renting, almost everyone dreams to own a house at some point of time in their life. However, homeownership is a big responsibility and clearly one of the biggest financial decisions for an Average Joe, due to which it becomes important to consider all options before taking a home loan, be it in Texas, or any other state. These considerations range from the loan type to your credit score, property location, and more. Let’s briefly study five of them through this blog post.


1. Loan Type

Deciding the type of loan involves considering various elements. First you need to decide between a fixed and a floating loan. A fixed loan, as per the name, involves a fixed interest throughout the mortgage, which is usually 1-2.5 percent more than the floating home loan rate. The interest rate in a floating loan, on the other hand, depends on the market conditions. Again, you have different loan type options such as conventional, USDA, VA, FHA, and more. It’s important that you first learn about these options. Only then will you be able to select a loan program optimal for your needs. For instance, if you are a veteran, the VA home loan may be the most economical loan type for you.

2. Eligibility

There are several factors that may affect your mortgage approval, beginning from your financial strength to the type of home you wish to purchase. Then there’s your credit score that may play a big factor, especially if you are securing a mortgage such as a conventional loan that the government does not support. Remember, what type of home and where you wish to purchase can greatly affect your loan approval, as the property taxes and maintenance fees varies with every house type.

3. Miscellaneous Charges

Interest rates are not the only charges to incur when you purchase a home loan. A mortgage comes with many other fees, including mortgage insurance, funding fee, and closing costs such as appraisal fee, and more. Then there’s the processing fees, services costs, payment and foreclosure charges. Analyzing all these expenses is a must for every home buyer to ensure they can bear all these expenses, without hurting their budget.

4. Hiring a Banking Officer

Like finding a trustable lender, seeking the help of a professional loan banking officer is also important, especially for first-time homebuyers. Being expert in their fields, these professionals can not only help you select the optimal loan type, but also learn about elements such as funding fee and closing costs, which may be difficult to comprehend otherwise. In certain situations, say, for instance, if you opt for a VA loan program, a loan banking officer can also help you negotiate the funding fee and closing costs with the lender.

5. House Location

What location your potential house is in can also influence your loan type. For instance, if you plan to own a house in a rural area, then the USDA home loan may be a favorable mortgage plan, if you qualify for it. If you’ve always been an urban nester, however, you’d, without saying, wish to purchase a house in the city, which may again influence the loan amount. So, better consider your options well, and select a home at an ideal location, which does not involve an investment that disrupts your financial budget.


The thought of owning a home can be a proud moment for any home buyer, however, realizing the dream is not as easy as it sounds. You must be financially and mentally ready to take the home loan. In addition, it’s important that you choose the right loan type and a reputable lender.


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